what I (Jonah Senzel) am working on right now from Athens, Greece, 2019-2020

Sound Round

card attack- rulebook
- map
- if time, misc.

Envelope drops round 3 (making)
50 made!

Envelope drops round 2

Greek Reading (Finish Story)

French Residency Application

(ended up applying for a japanese residency instead because the deadline for french was actually much later than I thought)

Badrillard Essay First Revisions

Game Sound Round

Sound for Game Objects:

Urban Walk Testing 2

Testing my 2 Urban Walks, here and here

(it's cold so I didn't do so much testing but secured a domain that I can host them and some other stuff at so I'll take that for the time being)

Baudrillard essay full draft 1

Baudrillard and instant messaging
(Current planned sections)
Transformations in the time domainArchival structureabbreviations and prepared phrasesnon text pictograms

Residency Applications draft 1

draft for 2 residency applications
(the residency I was planning on writing for i think I've decided not to apply to, but I did do some new research and find other residencies to write for this week)

Game Sound round ...

(previous round put on hold because the game is going to an event and needs specific sound now)

Print distro/urban research

nothing really actionable for this one just here to remind me to do some research on urban art (maybe I'll post it on timesheets)

Baudrillard essay outline

Urban Phone Updates

updates and polishes to urban phone protoype 1 (which actually turned out to be 2 differen projects in one!) More details soon

Physical Computing Update 2

*POSTPONED* (I fried my circuit board whoops)

update of working prototype #1 with video (working from external power supply) - for more information see physical computing update #1

Game Audio Work - Boss track 1

(first draft completed)

Writing Projects

see here

  • blog/writing section of deadlines site links to medium articles

  • edit/publish short opinion on Scorsese’s cinema

  • write and publish one short essay

Volunteering Research

  • 1 generalized email to cowork connect

  • 1 organization email for JS develop project (p5 proposal)

  • 1 other programming organization email

  • 1 general volunteer email

Game Sound round 2

(Pushing this a week because I felt rushed getting it out and its for external work so I want it to actually be quality)

  • candle sounds

  • bell sounds

  • scale sounds

  • wardrobe sounds

  • attack sound

Urban Phone Prototype 1

a basic prototype jam style for an urban phone game, maybe something about wandering but ideally creating dynamic urban interaction while relying on simple mechanics like text, checklists, images, form submission, etc. (this will also give me a chance to get to know p5.dom)

Apartment Hunting

I'm experimenting with putting more mundane stuff like this here, and possibly publishing "time sheets" from Steve Lambert's 20 minute time log method (similar to pomodoro method) Update: timesheets now publically available on my github

Physical Computing Project Update

see update here

I'm working on a physical computing interactive art project...thing! I don't think I am far enough in to give a deadline right now but I want to at least give a detailed update about my process soonish

Completed Music Piece

check it out here

I'm working on a music piece that I want to have a very long length (about an hour or more) but I don't want to spend a crazy amount of time on it (especially because I think I might want to make a series of these pieces so I want to have an iterative process with quick turnover) I'm hoping that this quick deadline for such a large amount of content will force me to be less perfectionist with the piece and allow me to just write in a fun and creative atmosphere

Throwaway Game

Making something fully playable here wasn't really successful. I made the bones of a 3D typing game that I had an idea for but am running into a lot of 3D related technical issues. I did however work on a lot of fun experiments in 3D and 2d/3d hybrid stuff so although I don't have something playable I'm considering this a success because I came out with a lot of cool new ideas for how to make visual styles in the future (see some gifs below) and this deadline was much more about keeping up with/experimenting with Unity rather than making something fully viable, so in that regard I think I succeeded

(original post text) this is last on my priority list right now but I still want to continue making digital games because I think it helps balance out my creative humours so to speak. I'm giving myself enough time to hopefully create at a slow pace, but also not have pressure because of the time, so I’m thinking of it as a throwaway game

Game Sound Work

this is game sound work so not too exciting to see because I can't share any of it, but it needs to get done!

  • voice fx tests

  • candle sounds

  • token sounds

  • (if time - map sounds)

  • edited base track 1

  • ambience track 1

  • edited top tracks/mixing and eq


I'm Jonah Senzel and I make a lot of different kind of stuff (more info here) This is an experiment in making projects with completely artificial and arbitrary deadlines. I'm hoping it will help me compartmentalize things and manage project scopes and whatnot.

for other creative output experiments see also timesheets, saturday writing, and 6 games 6 weeks

Physical Computing Update #1

The physical computing project I’ve been working on is the begginings of some experiments In combining real time reactive audio processing with sort of primitive “robotic instruments”. Right now I’m at the early prototyping stages of building a reactive project that picks a guitar string in response to an audio input (I’m currently designing this around singing as an input)

The awesome hardware platform i’m using is called bela (check it out here) and it provides super low latency audio processing with very fast reactive digital and analog sensor io (the platform can be programmed in C++ but right now I’m using puredata which it also supports, just for the sake of simplicity)

what I currently have working is controlling the speed of a motor with the volume of an input sound (using pwm and a dc motor) the motor will have a small plastic strip attached to it which will act like a guitar pick and play a guitar at various speed depending on the input volume. I want this to work with pitch detection, and I’m actually very close to doing that using some built in PD tools, I just have to merge a few ideas into one patch whihc I haven’t had the chance to do yet. I’m also still working on getting the design of the plastic strip right, which is harder than one might think.

The way I envision this project in the long term is a multi faceted reactive response to singing performance that doesn’t necesarily involve any extra input from the user other than their voice. This would involve mutiple motors playing multiple strings and maybe even multiple instruments, all based on the pitch, timbre, and volume of what the user is singing. I don’t really see this as being a particularly viable or diverse performance tool, but rather as a simple interactive installation piece that gives people the feeling of acoustic and musical interactions, simply by presenting their own voice

(I know this update is a little dry, I have some pictures but they don't look like much right now, but future updates should be a little more involved since right now I'm really at the stage where there's a lot of preliminary tech understanding to be done, and a lot of learning for me to do about basic circuitry and electronics)

The next immediate steps for me will be:

  • getting pitch detection working and combing everything into a first fully working prototype

  • researching and testing some different motors to see long term what will work best

  • researching and testing using multiple motors at once, and power supplies, etc.